We needed an engagement ring with a unique,inspired design.We were not looking for a lot of bling,but instead for a setting that takes the bride's love of the art nouveau style and transforms it into something timeless that we will appreciate every time we look at it.When we met with Thomas for the first time,we had already spoken with four other designers who did not understand what we were looking for in this ring. We came prepared with some pictures of architectural and furniture designs and some drawings capturing her ideas of how the designs could work in a ring. Thomas Immediately picked up on her ideas very quickly and gave us the confidence that he was the right person to design and craft the ring. Thomas led the design and build process with creative yet tasteful additions,sensible recommendations {based on his extensive experience}, and robust communication, including emails with his drawings,photos, and wax models. He clearly set out options including size,metal,detailing and polishing. Throughout the process, Thomas remained available to new  thoughts/ideas and responsive via email,phone, and text. In the end the ring is a symbol of our love for each other, and we would have accepted each other without it. But to have a beautiful ring that was designed specifically for her, based n her art-inspired yet vague ideas, made it a special part of our journey together. Very special thanks to Thomas for understanding and transforming our own inspiration into a stunning work of art that we will cherish for the rest of our lives and that she will continue to wear with delight.

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